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About Advocate Rajesh Kshetry:

Advocate Rajesh Kshetry is a name synonymous with legal excellence, social responsibility, and philanthropic endeavors in Shantipur, Nadia, and beyond. With a career spanning over 17 years, he has left an indelible mark on the legal landscape of India. Born on August 27, 1985, Rajesh Kshetry’s journey in 2009 from humble beginnings to becoming the proud owner of two renowned law firms – Kshetry And Associates and ShaineLex Advisors LLP – is nothing short of remarkable. No doubt, he is an inspiration for the people of Shantipur, Nadia. He is a well-known Advocate providing legal services and solutions to his clients across the state.

Apart from that, he is associated with various other companies such as Kshetry Hotels Private Limited (a Hotel & Resort Company), Stepsworth Estates Private Limited (a Real Estate Company), Riddesh Productions Private Limited (a Production House), Innerwork Advisors LLP, Police News Press (A News House), apart from others, as Legal Advisor.

He was an obedient student throughout in his school life earlier in Bholananda Ashram, Upendra Vidya Bhawan and later in Bapuji Vidya Bhawan, and completed his graduation in Law from Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag.

As a Human Being, he is a kind hearted person who loves to help living beings in any manner. He has a separate emotional corner for street dogs. He is an explorer and a perfectionist workaholic person.

For the past 2 years, Covid 19 had destroyed many people in various ways, there Mr. Rajesh Kshetry understood their pain and situation, he had organized Dry Food Donation, Water Donation, Meal sponsors, Biryani sponsors, clothes donations, not only for men-women & Children but for street animals too.

Except that, many awareness videos to make people aware of the fundamental rights and basic information.

Mr. Kshetry always working for the upliftment of society. He is there at any point of time to provide any kind of help to the needy people which is not limited to food and clothes only but also any kind of legal advisory and other helps.

There are many volunteers we have, but according to us helping people is more important than publicity. This is why there are many works which may be no one knows to expect us.

Rajesh Kshetry's Legal Expertise

Advocate Rajesh Kshetry’s legal acumen knows no bounds. He serves a diverse clientele, encompassing individuals and corporations, across various legal domains. His areas of expertise include civil matters, land-related litigations, constitutional law, government matters, money laundering cases, real estate disputes, criminal cases, company matters, and cyber matters, to name a few. His unwavering dedication to his clients ensures that each case is handled with the utmost sincerity and professionalism.

A Distinguished Education

Advocate Rajesh Kshetry’s journey to legal prominence began with his education. He is an alumnus of Bholananda Ashram, Upendra Vidya Bhawan, and Bapuji Vidya Bhawan. He completed his law degree at Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag. His commitment to excellence has been a constant throughout his academic and professional life.

A Philanthropist at Heart

Beyond his legal career, Rajesh Kshetry is a true humanitarian. He possesses a deep-seated compassion for all living beings, with a special affinity for street dogs. His philanthropic endeavors during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic have made a profound impact. He organized various relief activities, including dry food donations, water distribution, meal sponsorship, and clothing donations for both humans and street animals. He also actively engages in creating awareness videos, educating people about their fundamental rights and providing essential information.

A Vision for the Future

Rajesh Kshetry’s commitment to serving society extends to his future plans. Some of his upcoming initiatives include:

Bhrammoman Chikitsaloy

A medical mobile van providing free basic treatment to those in need.

Helpline Number

Collaborating with the CID department to promote a helpline for bank fraud.

Traffic Awareness

Partnering with Bidhannagar Police to raise awareness about traffic rules.

Awareness Video

Educational videos and short films covering topics such as legal queries, fundamental rights, and scam protection.

Cyber Awareness

Conducting camps and creating videos in collaboration with the Cyber department and Bidit Mondal to promote cyber security.

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