Somnath Ash & Ors Vs The State of West Bengal & Ors.

The case of Somnath Ash versus The State of West Bengal through Secretary, Dept. of Land & Land Reforms/Collector Howrah P.O. & P.S./ Addl. Dist. Magistrate/Special Land Acquisition Officer/Addl. Land Acquisition Officer & Executive Engineer Public Health Enginering, Howrah Division was litigated by Advocate Rajesh Kshetry. He was handling the case on behalf of the petitioner Somnath Ash & Ors.

What is the issue?

The issue was Somnath Ash & Ors. were the owners of R.S. Plot Nos. 3955, 4143 and 4144, J.L. No. 33, Mouza Domjur, P.S. Domjur, Dist. Howrah. The respondents had requisitioned the land for the purpose of construction of Elevated Reservoir and Allied Work in Zone IV in connection with Piped Water Supply Scheme.

As per Land Acquisition Case No. 2 (Act II) of 1977-78 of The West Bengal (Requisition and Acquisition) Act had lapsed and no award was made within the stipulated mandate, the respondent had to return back the possession of the above land to the petitioners with rental changes as mentioned in West Bengal (Requisition and Acquisition) Act.

Advocate Rajesh Kshetry aided them get the claimed amount.

This property ran into dispute in 1978. Advocate Rajesh Kshetry’s efforts led the Ld. Judge to pass the order against the respondents.

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